Why is my Facebook Pixel Red instead of Green? Did you screw up?

In this episode we find out why the Facebook pixel shows up as red instead of green sometimes. A lot of people freak out and think they did something wrong when installing the Facebook pixel on their Shopify site, but I’ll show you that there’s no beed to panic – its working just like it should.

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The reason why it shows up as a red dot instead of a green dot is simple – the pixel hasn’t been fired for the specific conversion objective you’ve set.

So, when you have a brand-new Shopify store store and you’ve installed the FB pixel code, you should always check if works by installing the Chrome Facebook Pixel Helper extension (https://chrome.google.com/webstore/detail/facebook-pixel-helper/fdgfkebogiimcoedlicjlajpkdmockpc?hl=en). Once you’re satisfied that the pixel gets fired on your pages, you’re good.

Basically the red dot will turn green as soon as the event gets triggered. So for example, after your first purchase, you’ll see that the red dot turned green – which means Facebook received the data and everything is up and running as it should.

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