Who else likes to KISS?

Working at a customers office today, re-imaging a few new machines, I got the idea for this post. Basically a 2 hour job got stretched out to 6 hours, all because the companies procedure was not very straightforward – At all.

Some of you geeks might know how simple it can be to image a computer. You use a boot-up disc to connect to a server and deploy a certain image, or you might just have a ghost image on a usb drive. Whatever, it can all be done in less than 30 minutes, provided you have the right setup.

Now, the way the IT department has setup their re-imaging process, has become very complicated, all because they have added so many additional steps. Instead of the one boot disc and image, they have written all sorts of scripts that tie in with Windows AD (Active Directory), and create all sorts of user specific settings. Each machine needs their own personal boot disc created. The documentation to complete the process is over 65 pages long!

Right, I won’t bore you with any technical details, but I’ll tell you how this got me writing this post.

KISS – Keep It Simple, Stupid

If you can do something quicker, without losing quality – Do it!

This goes for your blog posts too. If you have been writing and editing that one post for hours now – You’re doing it wrong. Remember that you are your own worst critic. Even though you will re-write and re-read your post endless times – your readers will read your post, only once!

Trust me, they will have so many emails and blog posts to read today, in a limited amount of time – no extra attention will be given to your post. They might leave a comment, and then they’re off. All in all, they’ve probably spent a maximum of five minutes on your blog.

To get to the point, keep your posts to the point. Short and sweet. Don’t be scared to hit the publish button. We can’t always write masterpieces (unless your name is Brian Clark) If you have more to say, why not create a series of articles? Rule of thumb; Keep your posts between 300-1000 words, and you keep most of us happy.

*Disclaimer – Wasn’t too sure about publishing this – but I figured I’d better practice what I preach!

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