What does your about you page say about you?

Man, was I in a writing mood today. It’s been a while since I’ve felt so full of words. My fingers have been glued to my keyboard for hours, and I’m pretty sure I’ve written more today then I have written this whole week! There are several posts on draft, but I have used most of my time to get my “About Me” page updated. If you’re interested, just click over to read more about Bob.

Just a few quick points on why I believe that solid About pages are important to have.

  1. You only get one chance for a first impression. This page is a reflection of you.
  2. Consider it your resume. People will form an opinion on you, going by what you’ve told them.
  3. The page is static, and it is only one click away. Put in some effort, people will notice  it.
  4. It’s a time saver, as It will allow you to have certain questions about yourself answered.
  5. It shows your commitment to your blog. You won’t be thought of as a fad.


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