Some things are meant to be read.

Nearly a decade ago,  there was a blogger who in my opinion really was one of the first “real content marketers” who shared significant insights in the field of online marketing. His work was never rushed, gimmicky or shallow – the stuff he wrote was fantastic and attracted followers and readers throughout the blogosphere.

Sadly, sometime in 2010 he went completely offline and it seems nobody knows what became of him. In case you’ve been around the web for a while, you might have guessed that I’m talking about Maki from DoshDosh.

Maki Dosh DoshSome things are meant to be read and a lot of Maki’s work was taken offline in 2010, just after the website got hacked and ended up with copious amount of spam. Fortunately, I’ve been able to recover a lot of the good stuff, cleaned it up (mostly) and put it back online with a new domain:


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