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Shopify SEO – Keep your old links relevant for maximum SEO power

In this video I will show you how easy it is to capture traffic and maintain/increase “link juice” for search engine rankings. (PS there’s no narration, I recorded this at the library :))

The ecommerce store in the video is built on who are my preferred ecommerce website builders. Here’s my referral link in case you want to help me earn a few bucks for this video 🙂

So for this store I wanted to get a slight SEO advantage by finding an expired domain that had a decent history and good amount of relevant incoming links. If you Google for expired domain auctions, I’m sure you’ll find a few sites that can help with this.

I ended up paying about $100 for this domain: which already has a domain authority of 22 and over 1000 links from over 130 different domains. (I still need to go through these to disavow a bunch of links, but its better than starting from 0 🙂

A site will start acquiring new links during its time online and with this method, where I’m repurposing a domain, chances are that I will have completely new/different pages and URLs on my new website.

The existing links are pointing to pages that do not exist anymore so visitors will end up on 404 pages (not found page) and the “link juice” is lost + visitors might think your website is broken and either leave or lose trust – which is bad for conversion rates 🙂

The steps I took in this video to try and make the best out of the incoming links is as follows:

  1. I check my top referral websites every week or so and see where visitors are coming from and what page they were expected to land on.
  2. To find the outside page with the link, I go to Google and use the following search operator: “keyword” (this will specifically look for the exact keyword on the page within the specified domain only).
  3. I copy the full link and go to my Shopify “Online Store/Navigation/
    URL redirects” section.
  4. If I have a page that is very similar or with the same product, I redirect that old link the new page. If I do not have a similar product, I simply redirect the link to / which is the homepage of your ecommerce store.
  5. Go the outside page that has your old link and click it to see if it redirects properly to your new specified page.

That’s it! If you keep an eye on your traffic, over time you will find a lot of old links that can be repurposed to increase the relevancy and authority of your store, which will lead to better search engine rankings and more traffic 🙂

Let me know if that was useful and if you have any questions on this method. And remember, here’s my Shopify referral link, in case you decide to start your own store and don’t mind me making a few bucks from you signing up. Thanks!

3 thoughts on “Shopify SEO – Keep your old links relevant for maximum SEO power

  1. Adrienne

    Purchasing and using an expired domain is a great idea to increase your link juice and one that we often use with our clients! Not many people know much about it, so great post!

  2. Dhruvil Parikh

    This is actually a nice topic for shopify seo..and also for kepping old links relevant for maximum seo power.This is a really interesting read.It is exactly what i was looking for. Look forward to reading more .

  3. Gaurav Heera

    Nice video………………………everything you’ve covered in this video is really informative. Yes! I agree with Adrienne and I also use with my clients and for PBN. Your post is amazingly helpful. Thanks to share this precious post. Keep posting such an informative article.


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