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Shopify SEO – Get an Unfair SEO Advantage with this Secret SEO Trick

Finding expired domains isn’t that hard, too just need to take a few things into consideration before you spend money on them.

In this video I will walk you through my exact process of finding the golden nugget domains that can help my new Shopify store get an instant SEO boost. Starts around the 60 second mark.

If you’re wondering how an expired domain can help with SEO, think about it this way; Let’s say you’re moving house and you’ve got no furniture whatsoever. The neighbourhood your moving into just so happens to have their annual bulk rubbish pickup. This means everyone in the neighbourhood is putting all sorts of stuff, including furniture on the verge.

You’d be surprised to see how good some of the stuff is that people just discard!

An expired domain is very much like that; it has had a website on it for a while, it has had traffic and incoming links from other websites over the years. This means Google knows about it and it has probably ranked for certain things too.

When I buy an expired domain, I go through its history and see what kind of links it still has coming in. Once I’m happy with what I find, I will deploy a new website/store on the domain and make sure that I facilitate all the incoming links by either redirecting them to the new corresponding pages on my new website, or to complete revive the old internal link (make an exact same page URL as the old site had before it expired.)

The time between expiry and revival is usually less than a month and although Google might have since removed it from their index, they usually are quick to include it again once they find a new website on the domain. Just be sure to go through the whole Google Search Console setup to submit a sitemap etc.

Apps and website I use in this video: (and yes, there’s a few referral links in there which will make me a few bucks if you sign up through them 🙂

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PS Yes, I realise that the audio could have been a little better. I’ll try harder for the next video 😛 Also, here’s the follow-up video that explains how to do URL redirects in Shopify.

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