Seven ways to lose more readers

So you take anywhere from 5 minutes to 3 hours to write that killer blog post. This ones going to change the world, and you’re more than happy to share it with us. But oh noes! Did you think about the following?


  • Make sure you spent 5 more minutes, which is all it takes to go through the comments and reply. Seriously, nothing annoys me more than leaving a ‘proper’ comment on someones blog, and then get completely ignored. Why am I here again? KTHXBAI!
  • Provide full RSS feeds. Sure, partial feeds are great to suck in more visitors and get your stats up, but I hate having to click and scroll and then click some more to get to the rest of that post. Forget about it, I’ve had enough of your blog. KTHXBAI!
  • YAWN! There’s sooo much text here…it looks like a big wall of text…no line breaks or sexy/funny/cool/artsy photos to look at. I am getting sleepy…KTHXBAI!
  • Now that’s a great post. It was great the first time I read it somewhere, and the second time somewhere else. Even the third time over at that guy’s blog. But I’ve read it enough – I’m not going to read it here as well. KTHXBAI!
  • Good to hear you’ve enjoyed your breakfast. And your lunch. And those snacks. And that dinner…Ever heard of Twitter or Posterous? Works pretty well for stuff like this. I was hungry for useful information. Now I’m just hungry. KTHXBAI!
  • Thanks for pretending to be an expert, I took your social media advice and now my site is banned from Digg. KTHXBAI!
  • Man, that last post of yours is so 2006. KTHXBAI!

And there you have it kids. Seven reason why I will stop reading your blog. Thanks for stopping by.


*Update – Ma.tt has published a great post that ties in with the same idea.

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