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I wasn’t going to write anything today, but since something awesome just happened, I decided that I will entertain you guys with a post. Who knows, you might even learn a little something.
recycle rss
Right, so what was all this awesomeness I was talking about? Well, I received a tweet today (Yes I’m on Twitter – I’m hip like that) from a name I had not seen in a long time, Julie Bonner, who was one of my first blogging friends back in the day (That would be about two and a half years now, right Julie?). Since I had pretty much fallen off the grid after I sold, and before that, I never really expected to see some of the people again that were there when it all started for me.

After getting back online after an 18(!) month hiatus, I noticed that my old feedburner account still had several of my old feeds, and that they were still getting hits every day. So why would I let them go to waste? All I did was change the Feed Title, and the original feed source in every old feed, and people that were subscribed to my old sites are now getting all the updates from my new blog!


I did have a small moment of hesitation, since technically this could be considered spam. Then again, all of you that were subscribed to my old RSS feeds opted in on my updates, and I’m still the same guy writing about the same stuff!

Now, the only thing that I can’t seem to do is add all of the subscribers to the same feed. Right now I have 6 different feeds that add up to a total of nearly 400 subscribers.

I would really like to clean this up and have everyone subscribed to the same feed again!

So here’s the deal: If you receive this in your inbox, or read it in your favorite RSS reader – please take 5 seconds to subscribe to my main feed again, which is And in return I’ll give you a free link from my site (dofollow), follow you on Twitter and subscribe to your RSS feeds. How’s that sound kids?

*Disclaimer – this post might contain typos. Not because I am illiterate, but because the keyboard on my macbook pro is on its way out.

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