How to make criticism work for you

So, out of the blue, this guy contacts me, saying he would help me out getting one of my sites in better shape. My initial reaction? WTF. Are you trying to tell me that my site isn’t good the way it is now? Are you saying I did a shit job at it? Its making me over $3000 per month on semi auto-pilot. I don’t see anything wrong with it.

Aaah, but then I started thinking. If someone is offering you a helping hand, you shouldn’t think that way. Instead, you should think of the fact that they are looking at your site from a different angle. They have a fresh set of eyes, and they don’t expect the same from your site as you do.

Customer Visitor is king.

So, going forward, one of the suggestions he made was that I should transfer a lot of the static stuff, like images, plugins, and CSS to an external service (Amazon cloudfront). Basically I had been toying with the idea for some time now, since my server kept getting hammered by huge (1.4 million pageviews!) amounts of traffic (It’s quite a popular video site I’m talking about), and I really didn’t want to fork out yet another $100 for a new upgrade. I have already gone through 4 upgrades in the last 4 months. Currently the server is running on a 2.4Ghz Quadcore CPU, 8GB RAM and a 100Mbps line. Even with the WP-super-cache plugin, the server was still slowing down to the point where I was losing visitors.

So now Amazon is hosting all of the site’s heavy files, and basically all the server is running is PHP, Apache, and MySQL. In theory this should take a huge strain off the server, and my visitors will experience faster loading times.

Don’t get offended and start attacking right off the bat when someone criticizes you or your product – it is much better to hear them out and take any suggestions they have on-board. In the end it all comes down to giving people what they want if you want to make money online. Basically you’re getting free feedback which allows you to improve and become better.

*If you want to know a little more about Cloud Front, Paul Stamatiou has written a review and how-to about it.

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