Last week was an interesting situation which gave me valuable insights in how a blog performs with no new input. As you might know, I’m currently on holiday and have limited access to the Internet. For the last week I have not been able to post and as to be expected, slowly but surely all the statistics are dropping across the board. A quick breakdown:
Alexa has always been a bit flaky and not quite accurate since it will only measure your site depending if readers have the Alex Toolbar installed, but the drop right at the end of the screen shot is around the time I stopped posting. (The peak in the beginning is courtesy of Digg by the way).

I was going to post more stats but then remembered I’m still on holidays! It’s quite hard to write a new post if you haven’t done one in so long :) A few of the things I could have done to prevent this:

  • Don’t go traveling but stay home to blog!
  • Prepare a few posts before you leave and publish one from draft every day. Just set your posts timestamp in the future and hit Publish. Your post will get online as soon as the time stamp’s date is there.
  • Ask another blogger to do a guest post if they are not too busy.

I didn’t bother with any of these because I have faith in my readers, coming back when I do. Besides, I couldn’t use the time stamp feature if my life depended on it, as soon as I finish writing a post I get all excited about it and publish it straight away anyway. (Not the smartest thing to do either since I’m not in the same timezone as my main readers group, we have about 8 hours between us which gives my post plenty of time to get buried on social bookmark, or blog update sites).

Sheesh, this post was really hard to write, it felt like my first post ever. Remember to blog consistently, try to write a post atleast once a day. If not for your statistics, do it to keep in shape. The less you do it, the harder it gets. And I should learn to follow my own advice from time to time! Remember that getting a blog popular is hard work but keeping it up there is even harder.

To be continued…

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