It’s 22:00 and I have spend most part of the day getting PHP, MySQL, Apache and WP2.2 running on my Apple. The reason behind this is that I want to try and create my own WP theme. This way I can take my macbook anywhere, writing and testing code on my local installation. It’s not perfect yet, I ran into troubles at first when PHPMyAdmin couldn’t handle the size of the database. Took me a little while to figure out you need to edit the PHP.INI file and set upload_max_filesize higher than the default 2M. But then of course, I couldn’t get it accepting anything bigger than 8M even though I had set the limit to 30M. Finally I used ./mysql -uroot wordpress < /Users/me/Desktop/Sites/Bobmeetsworld/backup/6-6-7bob_wordpress.sql to import the database with success.

All done right? Wrong! Because I use pretty permalinks, anything I click on locally redirects to this online blog. After spending an hour, trying to fix the Apache VirtualHost settings I gave up. After all; I don’t really need to have an exact copy of this blog, an empty one will do just as well. Allforces helped me quite a bit with an excellent tutorial.

If you’re interested in taking your technical blogging skills to a higher level, I recommend you to try this at home. Besides the obvious benefits of self improvement, you can make your blog stand out, save money by not having to buy a custom design. Even make money by selling your themes! If you decide to give them away for free, remember you can get an abundance of linkbacks to your own blog simply by adding a link in the footer of the theme. All in all this was a fun learning experience. Next issue at hand; Trying to get the Ultimate Tag Warrior working again on WP2.2. Oh, and I’m sorry about the technical Mumbo Jumbo, I know that’s not what you expect on here! ;)

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