How to find your competitors backlinks.

Here’s a quick video that shows you how to find the links that your competitors get for better SEO results.

One thought on “How to find your competitors backlinks.

  1. Steven Witham

    Hi Bob, great tutorial you have about competitor research. Your video is helpful for clients and other SEO’s.

    I just wanted to say I find alot of spammy links pointing to competitors sites and once I dig deep enough to find the agency in charge of their SEO I find that they are a very well established company 🙂 It doesn’t always happen that way, just a little SEO rant.

    When I do competitor research I also go over and check on-site optimization at I haven’t found a competitor site yet that didn’t have issues but definitely a neat tool to use for demonstration purposes.

    Looking forward to seeing more of your content. I went ahead and followed you on YouTube. You can also see more about what I do at

    g’day mate


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