Ecommerce Experiment #1: Failed

Results of my first Ecommerce attempt.
The store failed. This started as an experiment to sell wall stickers and decals through drop-shipping on Ali Express and I slowly added other homewares to the catalog in order to try and make more sales.
Platform: Shopify
Traffic Sources: Google AdWords and Facebook ads.
The most expensive thing about this store was the time I had to invest in actually finding items, adding them to the store and writing descriptions for them.

  • Domain : $49
  • Logo: $45
  • AdWords: $25 +$100 free
  • Facebook Likes: $50 (554 fans)
  • Facebook boosts: $30
  • Shopify: $58 (2 months)
  • Mailchimp: $10 (27 new people on list)
  • Skype phone number: $30

The store had about 500 unique visitors and only 2 people added an item to their cart and filled out all their details.
Why did it fail? I don’t know yet. It could have been the wrong type of traffic that I sent there, the pricing might have been off, the products might have not been exactly what people wanted, the descriptions and photos might not have been up to scratch, the timing might have been off.
All in all I spent about $300 in cash and about 40 hours of work.
What I learned was my way around the Shopify platform and that you should really pick a product that you have an interest in. I lost momentum quickly because I simply wasn’t interested in the product.
On to the next experiment 🙂

2 thoughts on “Ecommerce Experiment #1: Failed

  1. Ramon

    Nice Bob, I agree that you need to have at least some interest in the subject you are promoting… I am also testing with aff marketing at the moment (travel branch). Good to see you posting again!

    1. Josh Anthony

      Awesome article portraying how the affiliate the marketing niche can be. I know the first few times I initiated a project with a few products that weren’t in my forte I invested about roughly around $900 and not one person bought my product but I was noticing the trends these would have and I started new projects with more intriguing and obviously products that are trending right now. Created one for a fidget spinner and it has rapidly gained traction with lots of traffic in daily basis. About on average I had a buyer placing items in there cart every 40 minutes which is absolutely great. I would have to agree fully with this article from personal experience and all around. Keep going!


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