Coffee and cheeseburgers – the ultimate writer’s block cure

After having discovered this awesome little bookshop/cafe around the corner, I went in today for a bit of lunch and a coffee. Good thing I brought the new 13″ macbook pro, since its battery life is amazing. It really does up to 7 hours of wireless working! Because the whole place had such a good vibe, I must have spent over 3 hours just sitting at one of the tables, drinking coffees, watching people, and typing away.

That got me thinking. Back in the day, when I was blogging as John Cow, I often used to go down to the local Starbucks in Dublin. It provided me with a change of scenery and ‘inspiration’. If you’re experiencing “writardation“™ (I’m assuming this means having writers block. To confirm, please contact the Bronwen help-desk. I borrowed the term from one of her Twitter updates), placing yourself in a different, more dynamic environment, will definitely stimulate your creativity. Even if there’s not much to see, eventually you will OD on caffeine and get an unstoppable flow of words coming out of your hands!

If there’s no Starbucks or any other small cafe around your home, I suggest you try to work from another spot in the house (and I would recommend a laptop for this). You could also go to the local library, or even a fastfood restaurant like McDonald’s. They usually do free WiFi in those places. Make sure you bring plenty of napkins, greasy keyboards are a pain in the ass.

When you do find you’re ‘in the zone’ whilst writing away from home, remember that you should keep at it until your inspiration dries up for that day. You don’t have to use it to write one big, long and boring post. Start doing drafts for other ideas that come along. Even just saving post titles can help you start writing next time you’re feeling a little writarded™.

Consider this approach to writer’s block an exercise. The more often you do it, the more creativity you will unleash in your brain.


Is there any place or time where you guys feel you’re most productive when it comes to blogging? I’d love to hear your suggestions and ideas.

*Disclaimer – I’m (unfortunately) not affiliated with McDonald’s in any way. I do not get paid commission for any cheeseburgers consumed by you. Enter at your own risk.

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