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Google Analytics Max Number of Accounts – The Quick Fix

Unable to create a new account. You’ve reached the maximum number of accounts allowed.


This is the “error” message you’ll get when you’re trying to add a new site (account) to your master Google Analytics account if you exceed the limit. There is a 25 account limit and a 50 profile (site) limit within each account. Theoretically I believe you should be able to add a total of 1250 sites per master account (25 accounts * 50 sites). When it comes to structuring your analytics accounts when you have a lot of clients is to create a seperate account per client. In case the client wants admin access, they’ll only be able to access their account and they wont see any of your other client sites (profiles under an account).

To get around this limitation,and bypass the frustration and hassle of logging in to different accounts all the time, all you have to do is the following:

  1. Create a new email address for a secondary analytics account. If you’re a small agency, you could for example create ga1, ga2, ga3 etc
  2. Once you’ve added a new client account and added a site under it, just grant admin access to that account for your main address (
  3. You will see that the 25 account limit is not imposed right now, and you’ll be able to add as many as you want (25 at a time)

Google Webspam Update. Have you lost rankings?

Google has rolled out a new update which is meant to improve the quality of search results. I won’t go in too much broad detail because the good people over at Search Engine Land and Search Engine Watch have already covered quite a bit of it.

I’ll be sharing some observations I’ve made regarding my own niche and most competitive key phrase, SEO Perth.

I’ve never really tried to rank for the term, simply because I am already getting enough enquiries with other terms and long tail searches. Last time I checked, I was sitting pretty steady on page two. After the algo update yesterday (aka Webspam Algorithm Update), I’m now on page seven! Ok fine, either Google doesn’t seem to think I’m relevant enough as a Perth SEO Company to show up for the term SEO Perth, or I’m getting penalized for the term, OR Google’s new algo update isn’t quite working out as they had designed it.

When I look at the page one results, a few things that stand out are the following:

  • The backlink profile of a lot of the sites listed one page one is very unnatural. Loads of irrelevant footer links (designed by SEO Perth etc).
  • Very high percentage of identical anchor text used for the links.
  • Still plenty of empty shell pages created purely for backlinks and spun articles on irrelevant and low quality blogs.
  • Also loads of “hi, nice blog” comment spam links.
  • A decent amount of (relatively) new Wiki article spam purely written and spun for backlinks.
  • Besides basic keyword stuffing, other old techniques such as adding text links so small that a human can’t read them on the bottom of pages also still seems to work!

If you’ve seen your ranking tank, my advice is to sit on it for a few days. Let’s give the Google Webspam Update some time to work itself out. Any changes you start making right now as a knee-jerk reaction might influence your rankings negatively if the update has sorted itself out.