It doesn’t matter if you’ve started blogging years ago or if you recently started; at one point you will get bored with blogging. At the moment I have had a 2 week break and really have to force myself to write this post. Blogging has lost the charm all new things have and seems more like a task now. This must be the make or break point for a blog. I have seen some great things happen in my short blogging career and think I miss the rush of getting an article featured on the front-page of Digg or Reddit or getting 50+ backlinks overnight. I’m used to raise the bar too high and find it hard to deal with what in my eyes seems like a big loss. For example: I can have 200 RSS readers today, 300 tomorrow and if I have 299 the day after … I’ll be bummed I lost one reader even-though I’ve gained 99. Hope that’s an example that makes sense :)

I’ve decided for now not to participate in any meme’s like the Feed My Feed, ViraLink and Technorati Fave Train because they are nothing more than a sugar rush really. If I want this blog to be taken serious and have a shot at becoming an A-lister (what did I say about me and raising bars again?) I feel that I need to deserve the traffic in an honest way. Having said that, I don’t judge the people who are using these memes but my personal goal has changed somewhat and I think that gaining numbers like this will not provide a solid base for my blog to work from. I’ve found out that there is no fast and easy “getting rich online” scheme that works. Blogging is hard work and by manipulating the numbers you will probably end up fooling yourself.

If your new to the game you’ll probably stumble across some popular money making blogs and get the idea that anyone with a blog can make loads of money online. I can tell you now; Snap out of it, not gonna happen. Not overnight anyway.
Ask yourself; There’s over 70.000.000 bloggers out there, how many do you know that make enough money blogging to quit their regular jobs?
From a personal perspective I don’t need to make money online, it’s more the challenge to see if I can. There is money to be made on the Internet for sure but it requires a lot of hard work and some luck. I am making money online but the percentage this blog contributes to the total sum is negligible.
Bored or not, I’ll keep going because I have invested a lot of time already in this blog and its a great learning experience. I’m certain there are many more rushes to come and in the meantime your just gonna have to put up with me

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