SEO was my first love in the world of Digital Marketing. There’s hardly anything more powerful than for a business to rank on the top of Google for their desired keywords. This will get you a lot of targeted traffic which you can turn into profitable business. Everyone uses Google when they are looking for things like services, products, information, tickets, reviews and so forth.

I’ve worked with hundreds of websites, thousands of webpages and millions of keywords since 2004 so I know a thing or two about what Google wants to see and how to influence their ranking algorithm to get a website or webpage ranked higher in the search results. Having a great balance between being out-of-the-box creative while highly analytical, I can do more with less.

Here’s a short list of some of the clients I worked with in the past:

  • Fairfax Media
  • Newscorp Australia
  • Miss Maud
  • Bonissimo Coffee
  • Segafredo Zanetti
  • Atlantis Beach
  • Austin Technology
  • Coral Sea Resort
  • Duxton Hotel Perth
  • Jus Burgers
  • Pinchos
  • Department of Transport WA
  • Neighbourhood Watch WA

After selling my stake in a successful Digital Agency in 2016 which I started and ran for three years, I’m now happy to pick and choose SEO projects which interest me. That means I’m not available to just any business. If your service or product or mission really resonates with me, we can talk.

What I do is take ownership of the search engine optimisation efforts for your website. I will do the reviews, the feedback reports, the technical fixes, cleaning up the code, configure the web servers, the content review and rewrite, the linkbuilding and all the other systems and techniques that are part of a successful SEO campaign.

You can take a backseat and keep an eye on the campaign as it progresses by looking over my shoulder to see how I do things. You might even learn a thing or two about SEO by working with me.